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Question: What options do I have for email through you?

You can either have email forwarding (free), or POP / IMAP email (need to purchase) through us.

Email Forwarding (free)

With email forwarding, you can have anything "" forwarded to another email address you own. A total of 100 forwarding addresses can be set up. Email forwarding can only be used by domains that are using our DNS (nameservers). 

Once you are using our DNS, you can set up or manage email forwarding by doing the following:

  • Login to your domain account
  • Go to "My Account - My Dashboard" in the top menu
  • Click on  "Registered Domains"
  • Click on your domain name
  • Scroll down and click on "Email Settings" (or use the drop-down menu to choose it)
  • From the "Service Selection" drop-down menu, click "Email Forwarding"
  • Here you can set up different email forwarding addresses
  • Click "Save" when you are done

Note:  A "catch all" email forwarding address is no longer supported on the domain account.

See articles:

POP / IMAP email (need to purchase)

With us, there are two ways to get POP / IMAP Email for your domain:

First Method - Purchase POP / IMAP Email from your domain account

With POP / IMAP Email, you can choose from 1, 10, or 25 email boxes, with 10 GB of separate storage per box (each email box has its own 10 GB of storage). You must use our DNS in order to purchase a POP / IMAP Email Pak.  If you are using custom nameservers, you'll want to change them to ours before purchasing the POP / IMAP Email Pak.  For complete instructions on how to use our nameservers, please see the article "How to change domain nameservers (DNS)".

Once you are using our DNS, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your domain account.
  • Choose menu option "Email & Apps > Basic Email > Overview".
  • On this page there is an overview about POP Email.
  • You can choose from 1, 10, or 25 email boxes, with 10 GB of storage per box. Click "Add To Cart" to continue the purchase process.
  • You can add email to an existing domain name in your account, or search for a new domain name.
  • Click "Continue" to add the Email to your cart

Note: You can also set up email forwarding in conjunction with POP / IMAP email (in this case, the email forwarding must be managed through the POP / IMAP email settings page on the domain account, or through the webmail interface for the specific email address) (a catch-all email forwarding address is not supported with this option).

Additional POP / IMAP email (domain account) information articles:

Second Method - Purchase a Web Hosting account, which includes POP / IMAP email

Our web hosting offering is at

Web hosting will give you a place to build and house a website, and it also comes with unlimited POP / IMAP email addresses. With the web hosting, there is a combined storage limit for any websites and email addresses on the web hosting account. This means you can choose how much storage you need, and that storage space is shared among everything:

Example: you choose the 5 GB web hosting plan. Your website takes up 500 MB, the email messages from the email address currently takes up 300 MB, and messages from another email address of currently takes up 1 GB. You would add all of these up to equal approximately 1.8 GB used out of the 5 GB available on the web hosting.

Using email from the web hosting can be good if you want to build a website on the web hosting, and if you want to use a lot of email addresses, as there can be unlimited email addresses (it is just the combined storage space that is limited).

Additional POP / IMAP email (web hosting account) information articles:

Note: The web hosting has its own email forwarding function also (a catch-all email forwarding address is not supported with this option).

Outside email from another company

You can use an outside email service for your domain that is registered with us. The procedure on setting this up will depend on which outside email service is used, but the process would involve pointing your domain to the outside email servers. This may involve changing one or more of these settings in your domain account with us (HelpDesk articles):

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