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What options do I have for email through you?

You can either have email forwarding (free), or POP / IMAP email (need to purchase) through us.

Email Forwarding

With email forwarding, you can have anything "" forwarded to another email address you own. You can set up email forwarding when logged in and at the main account overview, by going to "Registered Domains". Click on your domain name, then scroll down and click on "Email Forwarding - Try It Now". Here you can set up different email forwarding addresses, and also set up a "catch-all" address if you want. See article "How To Set Up or Manage Email Forwarding". There is a limit of 100 forwarding addresses that can be added for a domain.

POP / IMAP Email

With a POP / IMAP email package you can get up to 25 email boxes for a domain, with either 1GB or 10GB of storage per box. You can check out the POP / IMAP email by going to “Email - POP Email” in the top menu. With the POP / IMAP email, you can login through an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, and/or through the webmail interface in an internet browser (using For an important mailbox, such as for a business, generally POP / IMAP email is recommended. POP / IMAP email provides customizable spam settings, and an overall more reliable email system. You can also set up email forwarding in conjunction with POP / IMAP email (in this case, the email forwarding must be managed through the POP / IMAP email settings page).

Note: POP / IMAP email boxes come with our Linux Web Hosting service (See article "About Linux Web Hosting"). Email boxes attached to the web hosting will only be 100 mb of storage, instead of 1GB or 10GB if the email is bought separately.

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