Email Forwarding: Tips on improving email forwarding performance

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I have had problems with email forwarding. What can I do to help it?

Here are some tips on improving email forwarding performance:

  1. You can white-list our forwarding server domain , "", at your destination email.

  1. Do not use the "mark as spam" button at your destination email account.

Since the spam may have been forwarded to your destination account by our email forwarding servers, marking them as spam can impact our services negatively with respect to third-party spam filtering services. Since our forwarding forwards all emails, including some spam (in order to not block potentially important messages, our forwarding has conservative spam filters), spam you receive through your forwarding alias can look like it came from us because it all forwards from the same server. This can lead to a spam filter blocking all email from our forwarding server. It helps if you just delete spam that you receive at your destination email address for email sent to the forwarding alias, instead of marking it as spam.

  1. Mark incorrectly tagged (as spam) email forwarded by us to be "not spam"

Doing so helps third-party spam filtering service providers to view our email servers more positively.

4. Don't use a "catch all" email forwarding address. As of February 2021, catch all email forwarding addresses are no longer supported on the domain account through Enom. You may still see the option to use a catch all, but it is no longer supported. There may be instances where a catch all can be temporarily enabled again manually, so if a catch all if really needed, let us know and we can look into it.

**In addition to this, we are always proactively improving our email forwarding services. These are just some tips that you can do to help improve email service for you and everyone else.

**please contact us if you are having a specific problem with your email forwarding. We are always glad to help!

If email forwarding problems persist, a more reliable solution can be to purchase a POP / IMAP email addresses. With the POP / IMAP email, you can login through an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, and/or through the webmail interface in an internet browser. For an important mailbox, such as for a business, generally POP / IMAP email is recommended. POP / IMAP email addresses provides customizable spam settings, and an overall more reliable email system. You can also set up email forwarding in conjunction with POP / IMAP email. Details on how to purchase POP / IMAP email can be found at this help article: "How to Purchase POP Email".

There are 2 ways you can purchase POP / IMAP email with us:

1. Purchase email from your domain account

You can purchase email from your existing domain account with us. 
To see the email options and purchase email on your domain account, once logged in, go in the top menu to  "Email & Apps - Basic Email - Overview".   Here you can purchase 1, 10, or 25 email addresses that have 10 GB of storage each (each email address will have its own separate 10 GB of storage). You can also set up email forwarding in conjunction with POP / IMAP email (in this case, the email forwarding must be managed through the POP / IMAP email settings page). A catch-all email forwarding address is not supported with this option.

2. Purchase email as part of a web hosting account

Our web hosting offering is at

Web hosting will give you a place to build and house a website, and it also comes with unlimited POP / IMAP email addresses. With the web hosting, there is a combined storage limit for any websites and email addresses on the web hosting account. This means you can choose how much storage you need, and that storage space is shared among everything:

Example: you choose the 5 GB web hosting plan. Your website takes up 500 MB, the email messages from the email address currently takes up 300 MB, and messages from another email address of currently takes up 1 GB. You would add all of these up to equal approximately 1.8 GB used out of the 5 GB available on the web hosting.

Using email from the web hosting can be good if you want to build a website on the web hosting, and if you want to use a lot of email addresses, as there can be unlimited email addresses (it is just the combined storage space that is limited).

The web hosting has its own email forwarding function also (a catch-all email forwarding address is not supported with this option).


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