Email Forwarding: (April 2021) "Catch All" Forwarding Address Planned To Be Removed From Domain Account

Modified on Sat, 03 Apr 2021 at 06:40 PM

"Catch all" email forwarding addresses on the domain account are planned to be removed in the future.

If you have had a catch all email forwarding address setup with us for years, it should still work at this point, but will be removed in the future. If needed, it may be good to test your currently set up catch all address by sending a test email to your catch all address. We will send out notifications to your domain account email address about the catch all being removed. We will send a notification before the change is made, and a notification when the change is made to remove the catch all forwarding address.

Recently there have been problems that have occurred for some customers with the email forwarding in general. The problem has been that when changes have been made to the forwarding rules, the email forwarding has stopped working. This email forwarding problem has been worked on and should be fixed at this point, where changes to the email forwarding do not cause problems. The catch all becoming inoperable follows along with the other email forwarding problems. If your email forwarding stopped working because of the error, then the catch all would have stopped working also. If this is the case, we may be able to temporarily reinstate the catch all that was on your account.

If you have made no changes to the email forwarding recently, already have had an existing catch all address setup, and your other email forwarding works, the catch all should still work at this point, which is why it still shows up in the system and your account.

The catch all email address is no longer officially supported for setting up new catch all addresses, and in the future, the already existing catch all addresses will stop working once the system is fully switched.

If you use the free email forwarding with us right now, to get ready for the change away from catch all addresses, it will be good to create new specific addresses for the email forwarding. Multiple specific email forwarding addresses can be created.

HelpDesk article: How To Set Up or Manage Email Forwarding

The change of dropping support for the catch all forwarding address will help the forwarding servers in the future. Catch all email forwarding is no longer supported at many places as it can introduce challenges and problems at the forwarding server due to increased load and increased spam.

Our customers can expect to receive an email notification about the coming change to remove the catch all forwarding address, and a notification when the change is made and the catch all is removed.

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