Money Saving Tips: Optimize Email Storage Space

Modified on Thu, 8 Jun, 2023 at 3:54 AM

We offer free email forwarding, and also paid POP / IMAP email accounts. The free email forwarding is good because it's free, however there are advantages of using the paid POP / IMAP email accounts (see HelpDesk article: Tips on improving email forwarding performance). 

We offer two different paid POP / IMAP email accounts:

  1. Email managed through the same account as where your domain is housed.
    • $1 / month for 1 email address with 10 GB storage (good for a small number of email addresses or convenience of managing domains and email from the same account)
  2. Email managed through our web hosting offering at (this is website and email hosting). 
    • Starting at $2.99 / month with unlimited email addresses (good for using many email addresses)

More info about all three email offerings here: Information about Email Forwarding and POP / IMAP Email, and how to set them up).

Optimize email storage space (life-hack)

Note: With the intention of an email storage space-saving solution for many email addresses, the method described below is best utilized when using the web hosting from, as unlimited email addresses for unlimited domains is offered there in every package. But this method can also be used with paid POP / IMAP email purchased from your domain account.

You can connect your paid POP / IMAP email accounts with us, to a free Gmail account. With this setup, you can send and receive your custom domain email right from within a free Gmail account, clear up storage space from the paid POP / IMAP email server, and utilize the free Gmail storage space and Gmail interface.

To find the specific email settings (POP3 and SMTP server information) needed to configure your custom domain email addresses in Gmail, see the HelpDesk articles:

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