Note: For more options on how to use your purchased POP / IMAP email see the article: Options For How To Use POP / IMAP Email

To access the webmail or find the settings to Configure an Email Program (Like Microsoft Outlook) in cPanel, do the following:

  • Login to cPanel in a web browser
  • type "email" in the top search bar, and go to "Email Accounts"

  • Click "Check Email" next to the email box to access the Webmail. 
  • Or click "Connect Devices" to find information on setting up the email with an email program like Microsoft Outlook on a computer, or an email program on your phone or mobile device (for phones and mobile devices, you will most likely just use the "Mail Client Manual Settings"). "IMAP" is recommended if multiple devices will be used for email , as IMAP is designed to sync up the email. When using "POP" it downloads the emails, and then the email is handled offline on the local email program, and does not sync between multiple devices.