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Can I set up email forwarding on my POP Email accounts?

Yes, you can use email forwarding on your POP email accounts. First, create the email accounts by following the instructions in the article, "Pop Email: Manage/Modify POP Email Accounts". Then, follow the step below in the Webmail interface:

  • Log into your webmail account (see "POP Email: How to Log Into Webmail").
  • Click the Settings Icon (Looks like a Gear) on the upper right.
  • click on "Mail Preferences"
  • Click on "Mail Forwarding"
  • Here you can put in a forwarding destination address, and choose whether to "keep a copy in the inbox". (if you choose not to keep a copy in the inbox, when an email is forwarded, it will then be deleted from the POP/IMAP/webmail and only exist at the forwarding destination address)
  • Scroll down and click "Save" at the very bottom right of the box

Note: This method of creating an actual POP mailbox first is considered to be the more reliable option for email forwarding, as you can still login to the Webmail to check email, spam, and change settings (including spam settings).

Alternatively, you are able to create email forwarding aliases under a POP email package, but without having them attached to an actual POP mailbox. You can add forwarding aliases through the POP email settings page on our website, by following these steps:

  • Login to the domain account (
  • Go at the top to "Email & Apps - Basic Email - Manage"
  • Click on the applicable domain name
  • Click on the "Forwarding" tab
  • Here you can enter a username (without the attached to it), and set that alias to be forwarded to another email address (limit is 100 forwarding addresses)
  • Click "Save All" to save the changes

Note: This method of forwarding functions the same as the free email forwarding, and does not include customizable spam settings.

Note: If you have a POP email package attached to a domain, and want additional forwarding aliases set up for the domain, the email forwarding must be managed in the POP email settings according to these steps. The email forwarding cannot be managed from the separate email forwarding settings page located in the domain settings.