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Where can I add, view or edit MX records for my domain?

MX records are DNS records that control which email server your domain name resolves to.  Your domain must be using our DNS servers in order to set MX records on our system (see "How to Change Domain Nameservers (DNS)").

Please note that making changes to your email settings could result in an outage of email service.

To manage your MX record, please do the following:

  • Select the menu option "Domains - My Domains".
  • From your domain list, click on the domain name you wish to manage.
  • Go to "Email Settings".

  • In the "Service Selection drop-down box, click "User (MX)".

Please enter the MX records in the following format (the example given is an MX record for our domain account email service, but if you are using a different email service, there will be a different MX record):

Host Name 

If your domain were, the above records would point all mail delivered to to the mail server  The "Pref" (Preference) field is also known as Priority.  This is used to prioritize mail servers if you are entering more than one. (replace " with the domain name) is the default MX record needed with our email service. See article: "Email Forwarding MX and TXT records that are needed"

If you would like to use our mail services for your domain, please see the below articles:

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