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How can I add or remove the auto-renew feature on domains?

When you register a domain, you have the option to set the Auto Renew feature on or off.  You also have the ability to turn this feature on or off at any time for specific domains or even for a group of domains.

You can quickly see the Auto Renew setting on any domain in your account using your domain list. 

To get to your list of domains:

  • Login to your account.
  • From the menu, select Domain > My Domains.

Change Auto-Renew setting for one domain at a time:

Under the Auto Renew column you will see the current Auto Renew setting for each domain on your list.  You can modify the Auto Renew setting by clicking on the domain name and then clicking on the "General Settings - Edit".

Change Auto-Renew setting for multiple domains at a time:

  • Check-mark the domains you would like to change
  • In the bottom drop-down menu, select "Bulk Edit selected"
  • Click "Go"
  • In the "Setting" drop-down menu, click "Auto-Renew"
  • Next to "Source", click "Enter Settings Manually"
  • Choose "Enable" or "Disable"
  • Click "Review Bulk Edit Request"
  • Click "Submit Bulk Edit Request"

If turned OFF, the domain will not Auto Renew.

If turned ON, you will receive a 45 day advance notice of the pending renewal and have two weeks to turn off the auto-renew feature if it is your intention to let the domain expire or want to renew it later.  Otherwise, the domain will renew 30 days before the domain expires (if the first auto-renewal attempt fails, it will attempt auto-renew 15 and 2 days prior to expiration also).  Our system runs the auto-renewal process at midnight Pacific Time each day.  Auto Renew will always process an order for the minimum number of years allowed by the TLD (usually 1 year).  We may be able to process a refund for an auto-renewal of a domain, depending on the domain extension, and it must be requested within 3 days after the renewal. We're glad to check on the eligibility of a certain domain and attempt to process a refund, but we can not promise a refund though.

Please keep the email address on your account current to be sure you receive our courtesy email reminders.

To modify Auto Renewal settings on multiple domains in your account at once, please see the article, "Bulk Edit instructions - change multiple domains at once".