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What are auto-renew only domains, and what are ʺDelete byʺ and ʺAuto-renew beforeʺ dates?

Certain domain names are auto-renew only. These auto-renew only domains cannot be manually renewed.

The auto-renew setting on the domain name must be enabled prior to the “Auto-renew by” date. If the auto-renew setting is disabled at the auto-renew deadline, then the registrant will lose the domain name, despite how much time remains on the registration. It is recommended that auto-renew be left on on these domain names unless the registrant chooses to discontinue renewing the domain.

The following domain names are auto-renew only:
TLD Renew By (number of days before expiration that they must be renewed):

.ac 3
.at 4
.be 3
.ch 10 10 3 10
.de 1
.fr 10 3
.io 3
.it -11
.jobs 42
.jp 10*
.li 10 10 10 3
.nl 3 10 10 10 3
.pl 3
.sg 10
.sh 3
.tk 3
.tm 42

Renewal Rules:
1. The expiration date is set to the last day of the month in which the domain was created.
2. The "Auto Renew by" date is set to 10 days before the last day of that same month.

Registered: 02/06/2009 (assuming 1 year registration)
Registry and Enom system expiration date: 02/28/2010
Auto-Renew by: 02/18/2010