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How do I update my account information?  I need to change my password, update my credit card, and create a new secret question and answer.

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To access your account information (Contact, Credit Card, Login, and General Settings), you can do the following:

  • Log into your account.
  • Go to "My Account - Account Settings" in the top menu on the right.

Contact Settings: You will first be taken to the "Contact Settings" page, which allows you to update your account information.

Changes to the "WHOIS account email address" will be reflected in the WHOIS for a domain if it uses the account contact settings. The "account email address" will be used to contact you about your account, and to send reminder messages about domain renewals and expirations.

****For countries or very small towns that perhaps do not have zip code or postal code, you use NA or 00000 for the zip code. 

Credit Card Settings: You can modify your credit card data by clicking on the "Credit Card Settings" tab.  Once you enter the new data, including the security (CVV2) number, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.  Please note the CVV2 number will not be displayed after the changes have been accepted. To delete the credit card completely, you can delete all the credit card fields, and then save the changes.

Login Settings: In the "Login Settings" tab, you can change the account password and secret question/answer. the password must be 6-20 characters, contain a number AND/OR the special characters *-_./@Please note that your login ID cannot be changed.

General Settings: In the "General Settings" tab, you can change account defaults, such as Domain Purchase Options, Auto Renew Options, Default Domain Settings, and Default DNS Records.

Please see the article, "Account Security Tips to Protect Your Domains", for more information.

Note: If any domains have their registrant contact info set to use the account contact info, any change to the account contact info will automatically change the domain registrant contact info. When you change the registrant contact information of a domain, it triggers a verification email that is sent to the new email address. The changes need to be verified within 7 days in order for the change to go through. To see more information about the contact verification process, please refer to this article: "Domains: ICANN / RAA domain contact verification..."