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How Do I Renew a .EU Domain?

.EU domains can be auto-renewed, or manually renewed up to 10 years maximum. If using Auto Renew, it must be enabled prior to the "Auto Renew by" date. If Auto Renew is not enabled by this date, and the domain expires, the domain will be deleted on the 27th day after the expiration month, then it will go into a 40 day quarantine period. In other words, domains that have auto-renew turned "off" will have until the 27th day of every month following the expiration month to reactivate the domain for the same as a renewal.

Please see the article, "How to Recover Domains in Redemption Status", if your domain is in quarantine status.

To modify your Auto Renew settings, see the article, "Enable/Disable Auto Renew for Domains".

.EU Renewal Rules

1. The expiration date is set to the last day of the month in which the domain was created.

2. The "Auto Renew by" date is set to 4 days before the last day of that same month.


Registered: 05/06/2009 (assuming 1 year registration)

Registry and system expiration date: 05/31/2010

Auto-Renew by: 05/28/2010

Note: All .EU domain transactions are final. .EU domains cannot be refunded after registration or renewal