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For steps on how to change this information from within your account, see the articles:

  • Change Host Records - Forward, Redirect, or Point Your Domain/Sub-Domain
  • Add, View, or Edit MX records

If you bought an email package with us, but your domain's DNS is hosted elsewhere, you can put in this information at your DNS host to get the email working.

Host Records (DNS zone information). Replace "" with your domain name

Host Name

Record Type



webmailURL Redirect (URL Forward)

MX Record. Replace "" with your domain name.

Host Name
Pref (preference)

@ (none)

After you have these email settings in, you can test the email out by going to the webmail (, replacing "" with your domain name).

You can also set the email up on an email program, like Microsoft Outlook. See the article How to Configure an Email Program or Mobile Device using POP3 or IMAP.

If you don't know your email password, you can change it by following the steps in this article: Manage/Modify POP Email Accounts