This is how to move files in cPanel:

  • Login to cPanel in a web browser
  • Click on "File Manager", under the "Files" heading, which will take you to the cPanel file manager for your websites.

  • Your "Primary Domain" website will be housed in the "public_html" folder.
  • The other "Add-on" domains will be housed in their own folder (ex: "")
  • You can Move or Copy files to different directories in the file system. To do this, enter a folder, click on a file (or choose the "Select All" option to select all the files in the current folder), then click "Move" or "Copy".

  • Choose the path where you want to move or copy the file(s), by typing in the path. If you want to move or copy the file(s) to the folder that is up one level, just delete the last folder name text (and also delete the last slash, "/")