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How can I enable/disable the 60-day transfer lock when I update a domain's contact information?

By default, a 60 day transfer lock is imposed when there is a change to a domain's contact information. However, you are able to manage this setting.

Change account defaults for all domains:

  • Go to "My Account - Account Settings" in the top menu
  • Go to the "General Settings" tab
  • Use the check boxes to enable or disable the 60 day lock by default for all domains
  • Click "Save Changes"

For a specific domain during contact info change:

  • Go to "Domain - My Domains" in the top menu
  • Click on the domain name
  • Go to "WHOIS Contact Information - Edit"
  • Make necessary contact info changes
  • At the bottom, choose to enable or disable the 60 day transfer lock
  • Click "Save Changes"