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Is there a way to give give my customers direct access to their domain separately, so they can make changes and manage the domain themselves, while still being setup under my reseller account? 

Note: For resellers, it is preferable to use The same account and login information can be used to login at There is a more complete set of reseller tools on Registry Rocket settings are only accessible from

Yes, to give customers a way to manage their domain(s), you can do two things, create a Registry Rocket link or create a sub-account for them. The customer will pay with their credit card, and a profit will be put into your reseller "Commissions" balance (at, go to "My Account - My Commissions").

Creating a Registry Rocket link and setting up a domain under it (only possible at

Registry Rocket is used for customers to manage their domain from a separate login and interface, while keeping the domain directly in the reseller's account. There are less features and management options available with Registry Rocket, compared to a regular account.

Creating a Registry Rocket link:

  • Login at
  • At the top, go to "Resellers - Manage - Registry Rocket"
  • Click "Create New Link"
  • Fill in the fields, including the pricing, and click "Create Link". Any domain set up with an "access password" will be able to manage their domain from the Registry Rocket link created.

You can point one of your domains to the Registry Rocket link to brand your site, and make it easier to access the Registry Rocket. See article "Change Host Records - Forward, Redirect, or Point Your Domain/Sub-Domain"

Setting up a domain for Registry Rocket (setting access password):

  • When logged in, Go to "Domains - My Domains"
  • Click on the domain name
  • Go to "General Settings"
  • Type in the access password (twice)
  • Click "Save". Your customer will now be able to login at the Registry Rocket site using their domain name and the access password.

Note: You can set an access password for a domain without setting up a Registry Rocket link. If you do this, your customers can still access and manage their domain at, although with even less features than the Registry Rocket link.

Note: Access passwords are for single domains. If your customer has more than one domain, an access password will need to be set up for each domain, and there will be a separate login for each domain.

Creating a Sub-Account and transferring (pushing) domains into the sub-account

Creating Sub-Accounts can be useful if your customer has more than one domain, or if you want to have a full feature-set of domain services available to the customer. With a Sub-Account, you will still make commission on the customer's domain, but the customer will be able to login at our site or

Creating a sub-account is possible directly from our site, but these instructions are for creating a sub-account at

Creating a Sub-Account:

  • Login at
  • Go to the Account Overview (Dashboard), "My Account - My Dashboard"
  • Go to "Manage Sub-Accounts"
  • Click "Create an Account"
  • Fill out the information and click "Submit". Below is the information that is needed.

Organization (or Individual) Information

Organization Name

Name (first/last)


Postal Address Line 1

Postal Address Line 2


 US State


Postal or Zip Code


Email Address (WhoIs)
(will be displayed in your public WhoIs Information)

Email Address (account)
(will be used to contact you about your account)

 [Check box]
 Email my account information to this address.
(This will use the SMTP protocol, which is plain text and not encrypted).




Login ID and Password Information

Choose a Login ID
(no spaces or special symbols are accepted)

Choose a Password
(use at least 6 characters)

Confirm the Password
(re-type the password)

Secret Question
(if you lose the password)
Favorite Teacher                                                 Favorite Vacation Spot                                                 Favorite Pet                                                 Favorite Movie                                                 Favorite Book                                                
Secret Answer

Pushing an existing domain(s) to a customer's sub-account:

  • When logged in, Go to "Domains - Bulk Tools - Bulk Push"
  • list the domain(s) you will be pushing, with multiple domains separate by a line break (enter)
  • Put in the Login ID that you wish to push the domain(s) to
  • select whether or not to push the domain(s) contact information with the domain(s). If you select "Do Not Push", then select whether you want to put a 60 day transfer lock on the domain.
  • Click "Push Domains". The push will go through immediately.

Note: For an additional reseller customer management option, you can purchase the Instant Reseller package for $110/year. With Instant Reseller, you get your own turn-key branded site, where customers can create their own accounts, and manage their domains and services.