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How do I refill my reseller account?

Note: You can refill your reseller account through our affiliate However, it is advantageous to sign up for a reseller account with us, instead of directly with Enom (see article "Reseller: Advantages of becoming a reseller with us, instead of directly with Enom"). You can login at with the same domain Login ID and password.

To refill your account through

  • Go to "My Account - Refill Account" at the top of the page
  • Enter the Credit Card information, or alternate payment method (Paypal, Check, or Wire Transfer)
  • Enter the refill amount (minimum of $25)
  • confirm refill amount in the next text box
  • Click "Submit Refill"

Note: Please do not send any funds to an email address via directly; we have no way to accept or post these to your account.  PayPal refills must be processed from within your account with us. For Paypal set up instructions, see "Using PayPal to Refill Reseller Account".

Note: For credit card and PayPal refills, there is a 3% "Refill Convenience Charge" which is deducted from of the total refill amount. (e.g., $100 will result in 97 eNom Points deposited into your account.  You will receive a popup message that indicates the amount being added to your account).  For credit card and PayPal refills, the total refill amount must be at least $100.00 and cannot exceed $3000.00 per transaction.  ALL refills are nonrefundable and all funds are denoted in US Dollars.  If you need to refill with more than $3000 at one time, enter a different amount (such as $2900) and it will be accepted the same day, and not appear as a duplicate entry. 

To avoid the 3% convenience charge, you may refill your account using a check, money order, wire transfer, or electronic transfer (ACH) as well.  There are no minimum amounts for these payment methods.  For bank transfer and check payment instructions, please see the article, "Bank Wire Transfer or U.S.D. Check instructions"

Note: ALL refills are nonrefundable and nontransferable and all funds are denoted in US Dollars.

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