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How do I use PayPal to refill my reseller account?

Note: You are only able to use PayPal with a reseller account, and only from

To refill your reseller account using PayPal when logged in at, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Account Overview page ("My Account - My Dashboard" at the top)
  • Click "Refill Account"
  • Click on the "Paypal" tab.
  • Click "Setup your PayPal Authorization".
  • Put in the "Monthly Limit" (the maximum PayPal withdrawal you want allowed into your domain account per month. At least $25 is recommended for the "Monthly Limit", because there is a $25 minimum limit for reseller account refills).
  • Click "Create Contract"
  • It will take you to the PayPal site, where you can login to your PayPal account, and complete the steps to refill your domain account.
  • Once the contract is made on PayPal, click "Return to Merchant" to complete the contract and return to the domain account where you can manually refill the domain account balance using PayPal.