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What does the "Monthly Limit" for Paypal mean?

The Paypal "Monthly Limit" is the maximum amount of money per month that Paypal will be allowed to transfer to your reseller account. This limit can be set at any price, and is in place to make sure no more money than intended is transferred to your reseller account.

How do I determine my PayPal monthly limit dates?

Your monthly PayPal limits can be viewed from within your PayPal account. The "month" date you see at PayPal, means that your refill billing month begins on the date PayPal authorization was setup.


You have an eNom PayPal refill limit of $200 setup in your eNom reseller account, and your PayPal account setup date is shown as the 20th.

You process two refills for $100 each before the 20th. If you try to submit another refill for any amount before the 21st, PayPal will reject the attempt as "over limit".

You can change your PayPal monthly maximum at any time through your eNom account.

To raise your monthly limit:

  1. Click My Account.
  2. Click Refill Account, and then click PayPal.
  3. Increase your monthly limit and click Save.

This would allow a refill on the 19th that would have previously put you beyond your own PayPal limit.

NOTE: If you hold a Sub-Reseller account, then there is a refill maximum which you cannot exceed.