Answer ID: 9004

My email forwarding is not receiving all of the messages sent through it, and the sender is not receiving bounce-back error messages either. It appears the emails just disappear. What is happening?

Generally, whenever there is a problem originating from our email forwarding service, a bounce-back error message is provided. If a bounce-back error message is not provided it usually means that the mail is being successfully forwarded by us, but is getting blocked somewhere 'downstream'. Some mail systems decide to stealthily block messages without providing a bounce-back in order to discourage retrying of spam. This is most likely what is happening. These downstream blocking issues is a problem with mass email forwarding in general. However, we do continually work to prevent and resolve downstream blocking issues. 

For downstream blocking issues in general, it will help to white-list our email forwarding server, "" at your destination email address.

**If the sender is receiving a bounce-back error message when sending email through our email forwarding system, it is best to contact us and provide the bounce-back message so we can investigate the specific problem.