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My account is locked for 24 hours, what happened?  I entered all the correct credit card information.


Usually an account does not experience multiple credit card changes in a short period of time.  We lock down accounts where behavior is unusual to protect against fraud.  This is for your protection.

The 24 lock could be the result of multiple credit card number changes in our system, or multiple failed transactions over a short period of time.

This could have been caused by refill attempts on your account.  Or, if you have Registry Rocket, the lock could have been caused by someone entering fraudulent credit card numbers on your site.  The account lock is a necessary precaution, as you could be liable for those fraudulent transactions, which could amount to several thousand dollars.

Technical Support is unable to override the lock imposed by our Risk Management department.  However, to obtain more information on why the credit card transactions failed, please contact us and provide us with the following information:

  • Login ID for account
  • Order ID (If available)
  • The amount of the transaction
  • Date/time of attempted transactions

In many cases, we can give you the specific error messages from our credit card processor.  This will allow us to provide guidance on how to fix any underlying problems with the payment method.  The credit card lock will automatically be released 24 hours after the first "Your account is locked for 24 hours" message was displayed.  Subsequent failed attempts during the 24 hours will not extend the lock period.  After the lock has been automatically lifted, you will want to verify your information (see "How to Change Account Information (Contact, Credit Card, Login, and General Settings)" and "Credit Card Transaction is Being Rejected or Denied"), and re-attempt your transaction one time, and one time only.  If you receive another error message, please contact us right away, and we will investigate the matter further.

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