It is generally best to change the cPanel password from within the web hosting account on This will update the password stored on the web hosting account and on cPanel, and will maintain the ability to be able to automatically login to cPanel directly from, by clicking "Login to cPanel" under the Actions panel in the service management page.

To change the cPanel password from your account on, you can follow these steps:

  • Login to your account at
  • In the top menu click "My Services - My Services"
  • Click on the service row (clicking on the domain name will just take you to that domain's website). The service will be defined by the cPanel "Primary Domain". The Addon domains are still in the cPanel the same way though.
  • Under the "Actions" heading you will be able to "Change cPanel Password".


Note: You are able to change the cPanel password directly from within cPanel, but this will break the automatic cPanel login functionality on