This article will explain how to export your email messages, and import them to cPanel.

You will need to use an email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to export email folders. Within the webmail, you can only export one email message at a time

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(External Link) Exporting via Microsoft Outlook instructions (not tested)

Exporting on Mozilla Thunderbird (tested and working):

  • Put in your Name, Email Address, and Password, then click "Manual config"

  • Change the Incoming and Outgoing server hostnames to ""
  • click "Re-test", then click "Done"

  • You're into your email!

  • In the Thunderbird menu, go to "Add-ons", then click "Add-ons" again

  • Search for "Import" (full name is "ImportExportTools NG")

  • Click "Add To Thunderbird"

  • It will then ask you to restart Thunderbird for the changes to take effect
  • Once you are back in, in the main mail view, right click on "Inbox", then go to "ImportExportTools NG - Export folder"

  • It will ask where you want to save the file

Importing on cPanel

  • Login to your cPanel on a web browser
  • On the right-hand side, click on "Email Accounts"

  • Click "Check Email"

  • Click "Open"

  • In the bottom left corner, click the setting gear icon, then click "Import Messages"

  • find the file you exported previously (you might need to change the view to "All Files")

  • Your emails will import and will show up on your cPanel webmail now