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What happens after I enter a VAT number into my account? How do you verify VAT?

After you enter your VAT number into our account, our system will use an API command that directly queries the .EU VAT validator tool available at:

If it is not valid, then the VAT will still be applied to your order and you will be informed that there is an issue.

If the VAT is verified and is valid, the VAT will not be charged to the order.

Our VAT number is VAT number EU372003356. Feel free to share this number with any EU customer who asks for it.

If you believe your VAT is valid, but it is returning as invalid through our system, please make sure to check your VAT number is an EU VAT and not a VAT belonging to your country only. For example, a VAT for Spain is only valid for conducting business in Spain. If you do business outside of Spain, you will need to apply for an EU VAT, which is what we verify.