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How do I set domain and product pricing for sub-accounts?

Note: For resellers, it is preferable to use The same account and login information can be used to login at There is a $25 account refill (instead of $100), and a more complete set of reseller tools on 

Sub-retail accounts follow the default retail pricing unless modified individually. The default retail pricing can be modified using the first method below.

Changes to the default retail pricing do not affect sub-reseller accounts. Sub-reseller account pricing needs to be modified using the second method below.

First Method (default retail pricing) - To modify the default retail pricing for sub-retail accounts on, please follow this path:

  • "My Account" (at the very top of the page) - "My Dashboard"
  • under the "Reseller Quick Links" heading, go to "Edit Domain Pricing" OR "Edit Product Pricing".
  • Make sure to "Save Changes" at the very bottom of the page when you are done.

Second Method (retail, reseller, individual, all) - To modify an individual account, multiple accounts, and/or set the default retail pricing, please use the Pricing Editor by following this path:

  • "My Account" (at the very top of the page) - "My Dashboard"
  • under the "Reseller Quick Links" heading, go to "Edit Sub-Account Pricing"
  • Here you can select to edit "By Login ID" (enter one or multiple accounts to edit) OR "All Retail Accounts". 
  • Name your pricing edit (which will be shown in the "Pricing Editor Updates" report, clickable at the top right of the page.
  • Select Product type (changes made to the 1 year TLD pricing will automatically be applied to the 2, 5, and 10 year pricing, unless further modified manually).
  • You can enter "Percent Margin" OR "Dollar Margin" to display the prices.
  • Click "Submit Update"

The Pricing Editor is also useful as an alternate way to change prices if you are encountering errors through the first (default) method.

In addition, the API can be used to set sub-account pricing. Please see the API command catalog for full documentation:

Sub-retail account prices must be set according to the below formula:

  • P > = (C + 0.95) / 0.97
  • P is equal to the sub-retail price.
  • C is equal to your cost.
  • The right side of the inequality is rounded to the nearest cent.

As an example, let's say the .com registration price on a reseller account is $11.50. This means that the corresponding price for a sub-retail account under this reseller must be greater than or equal to $12.84.
Prices for the parent reseller account cannot be set higher than those of sub-accounts, or contrary to the above formula.