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Will I be charged if the transfer fails?  It looks like I was charged twice for a transfer.

You or your clients are not charged until the transfer is actually a success.

For reseller accounts: When the transfer is initiated, we deduct the amount from your available balance.  If the transfer is a success, we then deduct the amount from your account balance.  If the transfer fails, we add the funds back to your available balance once the entire transfer order completes.

For retail clients or registry rocket transfers: A pre-authorization for the total amount of the order is sent to the bank first.  If the customer looks at an online credit card statement, this pre-authorization can appear to be a charge, but it's not an actual charge yet.  Once the transfer completes, a charge is sent to the credit card company to collect payment.  If the transfer fails, we never send a charge for the pending pre-authorization request.

All banks differ in how long the pre-authorization stays on the card, but it will automatically be removed by the bank when they do not get a charge from us.  We do not have a way to force the bank to release funds earlier than their policy dictates.

For transfer pricing information, please see the article, "Account: Pricing for Domain Names and Services".