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Where do I go to manage my POP/IMAP  email package or enable/disable/cancel a POP/IMAP  email package?

To access the  POP/IMAP email package settings from our website:

  • Log into your account. (make sure you are at the Account Overview by going to "My Account - My Dashboard" in the top menu)
  • Under "Web Services", Click on "Email".
  • Click on the domain name of the email box you would like to manage
  • Here you can add new users, delete existing users, update passwords, manage auto-renew, access your webmail directly, and choose which mailboxes get administrative privileges.
  • Click "Save Changes" when finished.

POP/IMAP email packages default to auto-renew. Disabling auto-renew for an email package package acts the same as cancelling it; the email will continue to be active until the expiration date, but will not renew.

Note: If you would like a refund on a POP/IMAP email package, refunds can be processed within 30 days of billing for renewals