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What does this transfer status mean?  Is there a list of transfer status definitions?

Transfer status definitions - The following is a list of transfer status definitions and instructions for corrective action (as required).

Transfer request created - awaiting fax

A fax transfer order has been created and submitted, however we have not yet received the signed fax transfer form and/or required identification for the order.

For full instructions, please contact us.

Awaiting auto-verification of transfer request

An auto-verification transfer order has been submitted and we are process of obtaining the current whois data in order to generate the verification email. This status will update within eight (8) hours of transfer submission to either “Transfer in Process - Acquiring Current Whois for Transfer Verification” or “Auto verification of transfer request initiated.”

Transfer in Process - Acquiring Current Whois for Transfer Verification

If we are unable to retrieve the whois for the domain after eight (8) hours, the transfer status will change from "Awaiting auto-verification of transfer request" to "Transfer in Process - Acquiring Current Whois for Transfer Verification." It is at this point in the process you need to notify us of the transfer's status so we can manually update the information.

When an auto-verification transfer request is initiated, our system attempts to obtain the registrant and/or administrative contacts from the current registrar in order to generate the transfer verification email. Sometimes, due to the current registrar blocking our whois queries, we are unable to electronically retrieve the required whois information to proceed with the transfer request. When this occurs, the domain is placed into a verification queue where it is manually updated. Our goal is to attend to these within 48 hours; there are sometimes delays where this manual process is not completed within this time frame.

If your transfer request goes into this status, please submit a support center request - choose the category "Transfers", (if you have not already done so). In the subject field, type “unable to retrieve whois” and in the question section, type the transfer order ID and/or domain name(s) to be manually verified. Upon receipt of this request, we will manually verify the whois information and update it within our system. Once this information has been updated, the verification email will be sent to listed registrant and/or administrative contacts within a few hours.

NOTE: We cannot manually update the whois to send the verification email until it goes into our auto-verification queue. Please allow eight (8) hours for our whois servers to attempt to retrieve the whois information for transfer verifications. If we cannot retrieve the whois within that time frame, the domain will go into our manual queue. Until that time, we cannot update the information manually.

Please do not include whois in the case. While we do appreciate the extra effort on your part, we must manually verify this information and cannot assume what’s submitted in a case is current whois.

If there are any discrepancies or issues with the contact information (email address is no longer valid or non-existent, etc.) we will respond with further instructions.

Auto verification of transfer request initiated
Transfer verification for this domain has been sent, however has not yet been acknowledged.  The current whois information has been collected and the verification email has been sent to the authorized contact(s), however we have not yet received a response.  This status will remain until verification is received, or until the transfer is canceled and closed.  If transfer verification is not received within seven (7) days of the date the transfer was submitted, the order will be canceled. 

NOTE: If the registrant and/or administrative contact email address(es) are inactive or invalid, please contact the current registrar and update this contact information. If there is a current order processing, you will need to cancel the request and submit a new transfer order so that our database has a record of the correct whois information at the time of transfer initiation.  Please refer to these articles for instructions on canceling and re-submitting the transfer:

"Transfers - INCOMING Domain Transfers - Check Status / Cancel Transfer Order"
"How to initiate an INCOMING domain transfer"
Transfer Pending - Awaiting Release by Current Registrar
Transfer verification, (via email or fax) has been acknowledged and processed.  The transfer request has been initiated with the Global Registry and the domain is in PENDING TRANSFER status, awaiting release by the losing registrar.  The process is complete from our side and the domain must be released to the registry by the losing registrar.

The losing registrar has five days to respond, once the domain is pending. Please note the domain is sent into pending transfer status once the verification email has been authorized, fax recorded, or valid EPP key submitted.

You can verify what date and time the transfer was approved from within your account.  To check the status, please see the article, "How do I check the status of my INCOMING transfer order? How do I cancel the order?".  The "Transfer Init Date" is the date and time the transfer was VERIFIED by the domain registrant or admin contact(s).

For transfer time frames, please see the article, "Transfers - Time frame for Completion".

Note: No changes can be made to domains in "pending transfer" status. (including expiration)

Canceled - domain contacts did not response to verification e-mail
The verification email for this domain transfer was sent to the listed registrant and/or administrative domain contacts, however was not acknowledged, thus the transfer was canceled.  If the email address for the registrant and/or administrative domain contact(s) are not valid, you will need to contact the current registrar and update your contact information.

NOTE: Per ICANN regulations, this email must be acknowledged for the transfer to proceed. (See for more information regarding ICANN transfer regulations).

Please be sure to check bulk/junk/spam mail folders.  If you are not receiving these verifications, we would recommend resubmitting a FAX transfer request.

Canceled - domain contacts did not approve transfer of domain
One of the authorized contacts declined the transfer request.

Canceled - Whois information provided does not match current registrant (Fax transfer only)
This transfer was canceled as the provided whois information does not match the current registrant.  When submitting a fax transfer, the registrant information you input when initiating the request must match the current whois information (registrant/admin contacts and address/phone - email does not have to match) from the current registrar.  If this information does not match, the transfer will be rejected.

Canceled - Invalid EPP/authorization information
This transfer failed due to an invalid EPP/authorization key.  Authorization (or EPP) keys/codes are generated by the current registrar and verified through the global registries for validity.  If your transfer has failed due to "invalid authorization information", the EPP key submitted is not valid and has been rejected by the registry.

Please contact the current registrar and request they resync this information to provide the correct key for transfer.  Once you have obtained the current/valid EPP key, please login to your account and resubmit a new transfer request for this domain.

Canceled - Domain is currently not registered and cannot be transferred
The domain name for which a transfer was requested is not a registered domain name, or the domain is in a status which does not allow registrar transfer.  Domains in “REDEMPTION PERIOD” or “PENDING DELETE” status are not active domains and are therefore are not eligible for registrar transfer.

Canceled - Domain is locked at current registrar or is not yet 60-days old
This transfer failed due to the domain status of "REGISTRAR-LOCK", OR because the domain is not yet 60-days old.  A registrar lock is a security setting that prevents domains from being transferred between registrars.  In this instance, you will need to contact the current registrar and request the lock removed for registrar transfer.

Due to a registry restriction, domains that are not yet 60-days old are not transferable between registrars. This is a registry rule, not a restriction instituted by the registrar.

Canceled - Transfer already initiated for this domain
Once a domain is in "pending transfer" status or is included on previously submitted transfer order that is not yet complete, a new order cannot be submitted.  Duplicate transfer requests for the domain will be canceled with this status message.

Canceled - Transfer rejected by losing registrar
This transfer was approved by the registrant and/or administrative domain contact(s).  A request was then sent (via the registry), to the losing (current) registrar to release the domain for transfer to us.  This request was then rejected by the current registrar. 

Unfortunately we do not have access to the reason(s) the current registrar has rejected your transfer request.  Please contact the current registrar and inquire as to the reason(s) for rejection.

If the current registrar does not provide this information, please let us know and we can send the request on your behalf.  Per ICANN Transfer Policy, they must provide you with the reason(s) for rejection of transfer.

For more information regarding the allowable reasons for transfer rejection, please see the article, "ICANN Domain Transfer Policy".

Canceled - Invalid Status Code
This typically refers to and transfer requests.  This status means that the domain was not retagged or was not retagged in time by losing registrar.

Please resubmit a new transfer request for this domain and make sure to contact the current registrar to update the IPS Tag.

For more information regarding .uk transfers, please see the article, "Domain Transfers: How to Transfer .UK Domains"