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How long does it take to transfer a domain name between registrars?


Per ICANN regulations, once the Gaining Registrar has received the transfer request, the Registrar of Record has five days to release the domain to the gaining Registrar. The 5 day waiting period typically starts within 12-24 hours after the transfer has been submitted, and the transfer will complete after the 5 day waiting period.

Additional info and notes:

  • To check the status of an incoming transfer to our system, please see the article, "INCOMING Domain Transfers: Check Status / Cancel Transfer Order".
  • For Incoming Transfers - If a domain expires before the transfer has completed, it will depend on the policies of the old registrar, whether the transfer will be completed. The transfer should still go through if there is a grace period after expiration at the old registrar, where the domain stays in your account for a period of time after it expires. If the domain is immediately deleted from the account at the old registrar during the transfer process, the transfer can not proceed.
  • Please note that many registrars, including us, do not issue ACK commands to speed override the 5 day transfer process.
  • To check the status of an outgoing transfer, please visit and do a whois lookup on the domain.  If the status displays as "pending transfer," the five day waiting period has started.
  • For more information regarding the approval and rejection of domain transfers and registrar responsibilities, please see the article, "ICANN Domain Transfer Policy".