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What is the cost for a domain transfer?

Incoming Transfers

There is no actual fee, per se, to transfer a domain to us.  However, you do pay for the transfer, as there is an additional renewal year added to the vast majority of transfers.*

All transfers are processed through the registry.  The registry adds one year to the expiration date of the domain and charges the gaining registrar for an additional renewal year, thus this cost is passed on to the customer.  Upon transfer completion, your domain's expiration date will have increased by one year.*

Example:  If your domain currently expires on October 2, 2009, you will be charged for one year's renewal and the domain's expiration date will be updated to October 2, 2010 upon completion of the transfer.  Regardless of the current expiration year, another year will almost always be added.*

We do not charge for transfers unless they are successfully completed.  We may, however, place a hold on funds while the transfer is in progress.  Please see the article, "INCOMING Domain Transfers: No Fees for Failed Transfers".

To view your transfer rates, please see the article, "Pricing for Domain Names and Services".

* Exceptions:

  • Transfer policies for TLDs other than .com/.net/.org may vary.  Please search our knowledgebase for transfer information on alternate TLDs, or submit us a support ticket with your inquiries.
  • If you recently renewed the domain with your current registrar, you may want to wait until 46 days after the expiration date to transfer your domain to avoid losing one year of registration. Please see this article for further details: "Transfers - extra year missing after transfer completed".
  • If your domain has 9 years or more remaining on the registration prior to the transfer, it will only be extended to the maximum of 10 years.

Outgoing Transfers

No, we do not charge you to transfer your domain to another registrar.

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