When creating a new website or transferring a website to a new website host, it may be helpful to test out the website before pointing a domain to the live website for the whole world to see.

For these instances you can use tools to view your test / in-development website by pointing the website to resolve to the non-live, new, or proxy host server address or IP Address. Here we will go over two quick and easy methods of accomplishing this.

Note: For either one of the methods listed below, if you have web hosting with us at mywebhostingaccount.com and want to test out a website on our web hosting server, the domain first needs to be added to the web hosting (HelpDesk article: Add Domain in cPanel (Addon Domains), then you can use the mywebhostingaccount.com IP Address.

mywebhostingaccount.com server IP Address:

1. Websites

At these websites you can simply put in the web server address or IP Address, and the domain name you are testing. When the information is submitted, you will be able to go to the testing URL and see the website you have created, but the URL will look something like this: "http://example.skipdns.link/" or "http://example.hosts.cx/". These links will work for anybody, but only temporarily as they may expire at some point and need to be generated again if still needed.

Note: This method will work for many applications, but it sometimes does not work well when accessing a WordPress admin area. In order to access the WordPress admin area with this method, instead of submitting the URL and proxy IP address using the main domain, try submitting it using the WordPress admin area URL, such as example.com/wp-admin.

2. Web Browser Extensions

There are web browser extensions you can install to point a domain to a specific web server or IP address for testing and viewing in that web browser. The website and IP address specified in the browser extension will only work on the computer and web browser that the extension is installed on. When using this option, your real domain URL will show up in the web browser URL bar. To view the current live public website in the browser, you will then need to disable the proxy host in the extension.

Note: This method may work better when accessing the WordPress admin area.

When you're done with testing and ready to go live with the website, if you are using web hosting with us at mywebhostingaccount.com, you can make the website live with the methods in the HelpDesk article: Point Domain(s) to New Web Hosting