POP Email: Not able to send email (SMTP error - "user not permitted to relay")

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I can receive email but can't send email from my POP / IMAP email account purchased through you. I get the error "SMTP Error: [554] 5.7.1 <END-OF-MESSAGE>: End-of-data rejected: user not permitted to relay".

This error when sending email may be due to the account being suspended because of an automatic detection of spam being sent out from the address. If that's the case, your email account may have been compromised. It is also possible that your email account has not been suspended, but you have just hit the outgoing recipient limit for the day, which is 500 recipients per day. In this case you will need to wait 24 hours for the daily limit to reset. The best course of action if you ever cannot send email is to contact us, and we can confirm whether the account is suspended or you just hit the daily recipient limit, and go from there.

Please follow these actions in case your email account has been compromised:

  1. Please update the mailbox password. (HelpDesk article "POP Email: Change Email Password")
  2. Please perform a full malware scan and removal on all devices with access to the mailbox.

You can contact us, and we can find the specific cause to the error. After the cause of the error has been investigated, we are usually able to enable the email account again for sending email. If the above steps have already been taken, we should be able to enable the email more quickly.

If your email address has not been compromised, the account may have been suspended because of an email that was sent by you that triggered the spam detection. In this case, please note these outbound email restrictions:  "POP Email: Outbound Mail Restrictions / Limits".

If the suspension was due to an email you sent out that violated the outbound restrictions, you can contact us and we can re-enable the account again, but if further violations are made, the account will be suspended again.

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