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How do I register or update nameservers for .EU or .DE domains?

The .EU and .DE top level domains have a different way to register nameservers (i.e., create glue records) and should not be registered using the regular tool on our website.

To register nameservers for one of these domains, please do the following:

  • Follow the steps in the article, "How to Change Domain Nameservers (DNS)".
  • If you were setting up and, for example, you would navigate to the DNS Server Settings for
  • Enter the nameservers in the DNS Server Settings section in the following format:

Making these entries for registers the nameservers and  If you have another .eu domain that needs to use the same nameservers, then you can simply enter and

If you would like to use nameservers on a domain of a different TLD (e.g., use on, please follow the instructions at the end of the article, "How to Register, Modify or Delete Nameservers Using Your Domain".