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How do I recover domains in redemption status?

*Refer to article "What Happens When a Domain Expires"

To recover domains in redemption status, please do the following:

  • Select the menu option "Domain - My Domains".
  • Click on the "Expired" tab.
  • Click on "Redemption Domains"
  • Check the box next to the domains you wish to recover and click "Renew Selected".
  • Please verify the domain name, number of years and pricing are as expected. Then click "Checkout Now".
  • Please double check number of years, domain name and total price one more time. There are NO REFUNDS on redemptions after you accept the order.
  • Click "Submit Order" when you are ready to complete your order.

Your order number is a reference order only, not a verification that the order processed complete.  You will receive an email order confirmation once processed.  Please review this email to ensure that the order was processed successfully.

Note: Instead of paying the Redemption Period fee, you can try to back-order the domain, or buy the domain back in an auction, before the domain is scheduled to be released back to the general domain market. You can use domain auction and back-ordering websites like Afternic,  Sedoor NameJet to increase your chances of claiming the domain back.

NOTE: Though this applies to most common TLDs, some TLDs do not have Redemption Period or a different recovery process. 

NOTE:  Some domains may go into "Extended Redemption Period" status. You can learn the difference between Redemption and Extended Redemption by referring to this article: "Differences Between RGP and Extended RGP"

NOTE:   The Redemption Periods are managed by the registry of the TLD. There is a fee to restore your domain from either Redemption status (usually $250) and it is not discountable.  This fee is in addition to the domain renewal fee.