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How do I recover domains in redemption status?

*Refer to article "What Happens When a Domain Expires"

To recover domains in redemption status, please do the following:

  • Select the menu option "Domain - My Domains".
  • Click on the "Expired" tab.
  • Click on "Redemption Domains"
  • Check the box next to the domains you wish to recover and click "Renew Selected".
  • Please verify the domain name, number of years and pricing are as expected. Then click "Checkout Now".
  • Please double check number of years, domain name and total price one more time. There are NO REFUNDS on redemptions after you accept the order.
  • Click "Submit Order" when you are ready to complete your order.

Your order number is a reference order only, not a verification that the order processed complete.  You will receive an email order confirmation once processed.  Please review this email to ensure that the order was processed successfully.

NOTE: Though this applies to most common TLDs, some TLDs do not have Redemption Period or a different recovery process. 

NOTE:  Some domains may go into "Extended Redemption Period" status. You can learn the difference between Redemption and Extended Redemption by referring to this article: "Differences Between RGP and Extended RGP"

NOTE:   The Redemption Periods are managed by the registry of the TLD. There is a fee to restore your domain from either Redemption status (usually $250) and it is not discountable.  This fee is in addition to the domain renewal fee.