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Why wasn't an extra year added to my domain's registration period after it was transferred?

When transferring a domain name, the gaining registrar will add an extra year to the registration of the domain name upon completion of the transfer, which will be reflected with the expiration date of the domain corresponding to the added year.

However, the expected extra year when transferred will not show up in certain circumstances.  If a domain is renewed, and then transferred within 45 days of the renewal, the initial renewal will be voided. Also, if a domain expires, is renewed and then transferred between registrars within the first 45 days after the expiration date, the initial renewal will be voided. 

This circumstance is based on the fact that when a domain expires, it is automatically renewed at the registry (even without the registrant renewing it themselves). This is called the "auto-renew grace period". It basically is a measure to keep the domain safe, and give the registrant further chance to renew it after expiration, within the grace period. When the domain expires and enters the auto-renew grace period, it charges the registrar (us) for the automatic renewal. When the domain is then transferred within the auto-renew grace period (45 days after expiration), the recent renewal is cancelled, the losing registrar is refunded, and a year is taken off of the registration time period. Similarly, the losing registrar is refunded, and a year is taken off of the registration time period when a domain is renewed (does not expire), and then transferred within 45 days of renewal. Some registrars offer a refund to the customer in this circumstance, and some don't. As a policy, we do not offer refunds in this circumstance. 

The new registrar will still renew the domain when the transfer is completed.

The net outcome, is that you will end up paying for two years of registration, and only get one.

Example: Your domain is registered with registrar A.  The domain expires on 2010-Jun-01, and you renew it with registrar A on 2010-Jun-15 (during the expiration grace period).  The domain now expires on 2011-Jun-01.  You then transfer the domain to registrar B on 2010-Jun-20.  Normally, the transfer would add an additional year, so the expiration date would be 2012-Jun-01, however, since you transferred the domain during the 45 days after the domain expired, the renewal from 2010-Jun-20 is canceled by the registry.  However, because the gaining registrar still adds the extra year, the expiration date after the transfer remains 2011-Jun-01.

If the domain is renewed prior to expiration, or is in an expired state at the time of transfer, then an additional year will be added to the the Registration of the domain name. (There is no refund for any previous renewal while the domain was with us, as the renewal is carried over to the new registrar)

Incoming Transfer: If you transfer a domain to your account with us within the first 45 days after the expiration date, the registry views us as the gaining registrar.  We are charged for the transfer by the registry, thus we cannot issue a refund for a domain that is transferred to your account during that time.  Please contact the previous registrar to see if their policy provides for refunds in this circumstance.

Outgoing Transfer: If you renew your expired domain with us, and then transfer the domain away within the first 45 days after the expiration date, we do not provide for a refund.  Please wait until day 46 after the expiration date to transfer your domain away to ensure you receive both the renewal year and the year added as a result of the transfer.

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