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Does your DNS have support for SRV records?

Yes, our DNS does offer support for Service Records (SRV).

To configure your domain's SRV records with us, you first need to ensure you are using our name servers (DNS).  You can do so by going to "Domain - My Domains" (in the top menu), click on your domain name, click on "DNS Servers - Edit", then choose "Our Servers" to use the nameservers supplied by us.

After the DNS is switched over to us, you can go back to the domain settings page (Domain Manager) and go to "SRV Records - Try It Now".

Here are the full details on how to get to the SRV settings page for a domain:

  • Log into your account.
  • Select the menu option Domain > My Domains (or from the main account overview, go to "Registered Domains")
  • Click on the domain name you wish to work with.
  • go to "SRV Records - Try It Now"

The interface for adding your SRV record looks like this:

The definitions for the SRV record fields are as follows:

service:  service name

protocol:  which protocol is used by the service, either tcp or udp

priority:  controls the order of which records are used, lower numbers are used before higher ones

weight:  similar to priority, but with records with the same priority, lower numbers are used before higher ones

port:  tcp/udp port in which the service can be found

target (hostname):  destination of the record that is sending traffic to (entire domain address including host name, such as "")

Note: When adding an SRV record, the "Target (Hostname)" needs to include the entire path (, not just the host name. 

This is in contrast to when adding Host Records for a domain. When adding Host Records such as "A" records and "CNAME" records for the domain, the "host name" input column only needs the host name before the actual domain address, as the full domain address is automatically added on. For example, a "mail" host name, would resolve as "".

Note: An SRV record will usually point to an "A" or "AAAA" record. An SRV record can point to a CNAME record only if the target of the CNAME record is able to be resolved to an "A" or "AAAA" record.

If you need further assistance configuring your SRV record, you can contact us and we'd be glad to help!