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1. How do I find / create / edit my FTP login Information?

 Information on how to access and upload content via FTP can be found in this HelpDesk article: Upload Files to Web Hosting Account (Linux)

The password for an FTP account cannot be recovered but can be replaced.  Follow the instructions below to edit an existing FTP account or to create a new one.

  1. Login to the Plesk control panel for your hosting account. See article How to Access the Control Panel
  2. Click Websites & Domains, then scroll down and click FTP Access for the domain you want to use.
  3. To Edit an existing FTP account, click on the account name. To add an account, click Add an FTP Account.
  4. On the next page, modify the following:
    • FTP Account Name: The username you will use to login to the FTP server
      • You can use lowercase alphanumeric, dash, and underscore symbols in the username. The username should start with a lowercase alphabetic character and should be between 1 and 16 characters in length.
    • Home Directory: Select the root directory of the website on the server.
      • By default, this is the domain name
      • You can leave this as "/" to give the FTP account access to all files.
    • New Password: Create a password you will use to login to the FTP server
      • Generate: Use this to generate a random password
      • Show/Hide: Toggle the visibility of the password listed above
    • Confirm Password: Reenter the password you just created

  5. Click OK