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These answers apply when logged in at our affiliate's site, With your account, you can login at or our site to access your account (same login details). You can do the same things on our site, but it will look a little different than what is provided here.

After reviewing this article, please see File management and configuration and also Getting started with MySQL for more advanced topics.


1. Does Enom's hosting service support multiple site hosting?

Yes, each Enom Hosting account can support up to 50 separate domains.  Using the starter plan as an example, you can put 50 different websites on the same hosting account and they will share the 1GB of storage and the 20 GB bandwidth.

Each Enom account can have multiple hosting accounts.

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2. Does Enom's hosting support SSL?

Yes, Enom's hosting does support SSL.

Note: Every domain on a Linux hosting account can install a free SSL certificate. See the article "Free SSL on our Linux Web Hosting" 

SSL certificates purchased elsewhere cannot be used on Enom's hosting.

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3. Do email account storage count as part of the hosting account? 

No, the storage for email accounts do not count as part of the hosting account storage.  Each email account has 100MB of storage.  This 100MB of storage is in addition to the storage that comes with the hosting plan.   

As an example, let’s look at the starter 20GB plan. If you are to create 1 mailbox (which contains 100MB), you still have 20GB to use for hosting.  The starter plan comes with 50 mailboxes while the advanced plan comes with 100 mailboxes.  

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4. How many mysql databases can I create per hosting account?

There is no limit to the number of mysql database you can create.  The storage space taken up by the mysql databases, however, can not exceed the storage space of the plan (e.g. the starter plan has 20GB). 

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5. If I purchase Website Builder do I also need to purchase web hosting separately, or is it included?

No, if you purchased Website Builder, you do not need need to purchase an additional hosting package.

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6. What is Website Presence Builder?

Presence Builder is a site building utility built into the Plesk Hosting Control Panel and is available to some users.  This utility allows hosting users to construct their website using a template-based creation process. If you do not know any scripting or have website building experience, you can utilize this tool to visually construct your site.

There is a limit of 2 Presence Builders per hosting account. 

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7. What Operating System does Enom's hosting service use?

Enom's hosting service uses a Linux-based operating system. All our servers use Odin's Plesk 12.5Control Panel. 

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8. Does Enom provide Windows Hosting (ASP.NET)?

No, Enom does not offer Windows as a hosting service. Our hosting services are all on the Linux platform.
However, you are welcome to register a domain with us and connect the domain to Windows hosting service offered by another company.

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9. In what country are Enom's hosting servers located?

Enom's hosting servers are all located in the United States

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10. How do I access the control panel for my hosting account? 

To access the control panel, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your Enom/EnomCentral/BulkRegister account.
  2. At the top of the page Click Hosting, click Web Hosting, and then click Manage (if you don't see this menu, click on your username on the upper right and try again).
  3. Click the Control Panel link under the name of your hosting account.
  • A new window or tab should open; if a window doesn't open, please check your web browser's pop-up settings.

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    11. How can I find the login information for my Enom Hosting Control Panel?

    If you do not remember your hosting password, you will need to reset it.  To reset your hosting account password, please do the following:

    1. Navigate to the web hosting management page until you are looking at the following screen that lists all your hosting accounts.
    2. Click on your hosting account login name.
    3. Under the Currently Viewing menu click General Settings.
    4. Choose a new strong password within the following guidelines:
      • Up to 14 alphanumeric characters; No spaces or symbols;
      • Must contain at least one lower case, one upper case and one number
    5. Click Save Settings
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    12. Can I add users so they can edit my site hosted on Enom's Hosting?

    Yes, if you are using Enom's Hosting you can create administrative access for users.  To do this, follow the steps below:

    1. Log into the control panel for your hosting account. 
    2. Click on Users on the left side, then Create User Account
    3. Create User Account
      • General Information
        • Contact Name: Name of the Contact
        • Email Address: Email address of the contact
        • User Role: Webmaster
        • Access To Subscription: by default, this will be set to All.  For new hosting accounts, you will only see one subscription.  If you have more than one subscription in your hosting account, you can select which subscription to restrict the user to.
      • Plesk Preferences
        • Username: This defaults to the email address provided above but can be changed.
        • Password: Enter a strong password.
          • Generate: Use this to generate a random password
          • Show: Toggle the visibility of the password listed above.
        • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password.
        • Plesk Language: Choose the default language for this user from this drop down menu.
        • User is Active: This should remain checked.
    4. Click OK to complete
  • Users can login by going to host server address below.  Replace ### with the server number displayed in the address bar.

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    13. Does Enom's Hosting service support remote connection to the host's Database? 

    Enom's hosting service does not allow remote connections. If you are trying to use an application to connect from your PC without success, this is likely the cause. 

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    14. How do I configure a domain to use Enom hosting?

    To use Enom hosting, the domain must use Enom DNS.  The hosting manager and the plesk control panel need to know about this domain also. 

    Step 1: use Enom DNS 

  • Step 2: letting Web Hosting Manager know about this domain

    1. Navigate to the web hosting management page until you are looking at the following screen that lists all your hosting accounts.
    2. Click Domains under the name of the hosting account.
    3. Type in the domain and click Add.
    4. A warning will pop up saying that the domain's root record (@), the www CNAME record, and the mx record will be changed.  Click OK.
  • If you are to look up the host records for the domain at this point, you will see that it has been changed to the following.  Your IP and www CNAME will be different depending on the server that you are on.

    Step 3: Letting the Plesk control panel know about this domain

    1. Open the hosting account control panel for the hosting account that hosts the domain.
    2. Click on Websites & Domains, then Add Domain
    3. Adding A New Domain Name:
      • Domin Name:  type in the domain name here. 
      • Location Of Websites Files: this should be "" (### should show the number for your hosting server)
      • Hosting Type: Website Hosting
      • Activate DNS Service: Should be Checked
      • Activate Mail Service: Should be Checked
    4.  Hosting Settings:
      • Document Root: This will default to your domain name, it can be changed.
        • Using httpdocs as your document root may cause issues.
      • Preferred domain: None is suggested as the other options may cause issues with your website.
    5. Click OK. This may take up to 30 seconds to complete.
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    15. I registered my domain with Enom through Google, can I use Enom's Web Hosting?

    No, domains registered through Google can not use Enom’s hosting or email service because Enom’s hosting services are tied to an Enom account.  Even if you use Enom's name servers, the backend hosting system will not allow the hosting service. 

    If you really want to use Enom’s hosting or email service, you will need to transfer the domain into an Enom account that's not under Google's reseller account.

    For more information see

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    16. What host records should my domain and subdomains be using?

    Your host records should be changed via the Enom control panel, not the Plesk control panel.  The default host records were added automatically when you configured your domain to use Enom hosting.  If you accidentally erased that information, you can find them via the Plesk control panel


    www and all subdomains:  Replace yourHostingAccountName and ### with the information you see in the control panel
    @ A (root domain): use the IP address seen in your control panel
    MX record:  See here for details.

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    17. How do I create a subdomain in my hosting account?

    To create a subdomain, follow the steps below:

    1. Open the hosting account control panel for the hosting account that hosts the domain.
    2. Click Websites & Domains, then Add Subdomain
    3. Add A Subdomain
      • Subdomain Name: Enter the desired subdomain here.
      • Parent domain: Select a domain from the Parent Domain drop down menu.
      • Document Root: This will automatically fill, though you can change it.
    4. Click OK. This may take up to 30 seconds to complete.
  • You can configure and upload files for the subdomain just like you would any for any other website.  If you have already associated the domain to the hosting account you can point the host record for the subdomain to the same CNAME as the WWW record for your domain. 

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    18. How do I create or change my Subscription in my hosting account?

    Subscriptions cannot be created or changed.  If you have purchased a new hosting account, there will be one default Subscription created and all your domains will reside in the same subscription.  You will only have one subscription and will not be able to create new ones. 

    For legacy customers who've had their hosting account migrated from the older version of the hosting account, a different subscription would have been created for each domain name that was hosted at the time of migration.

    If you would like a subscription removed from your hosting account, please reach out to our support team.

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    19. My Web Hosting service has been disabled. How can I re-bill or have the service re-enabled?

    When our system is unable to bill for web hosting services, it will automatically retry everyday for 15 daysafter the billing date. If it is still not able to bill for the services, the web hosting account will be disabled.

    At this point, you can manually attempt to rebill for the services.

    First, make sure that you have updated your credit card information or have a sufficient account balance before attempting to rebill. 

    To rebill:

    1. Log into your account and click Reports at the top-left of the page.
    2. Select Periodic Billing from the Report Type drop-down list and then click Run Report.
    3. Click the link under the Billing ID column to see the description of the services.
    4. Click the Rebill link for the services that you would like to reactivate.
  • A success or failure message will display at the top of the page indicating whether the rebill processed successfully. If the rebill was successful, the billing status will appear as Success, and an Order ID will be displayed.

    The services will automatically be re-enabled if the rebill was successful.

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    20. How do I cancel my web hosting account?

    To cancel your web hosting account:

    1. Navigate to the web hosting management page until you are looking at the following screen that lists all your hosting accounts.
    2. Click on your hosting account login name.
    3. Under the Currently Viewing menu click General Settings.
    4. Scroll to the bottom and click Take down my website.
    5. Cancel Service
      1. Select Reason: Select a Reason from the drop down menu.
      2. Additional Information: Provide any additional information about why you are no longer using the service.
    6. Click Cancel Service in the lower left.mceclip19.png
  • This will cancel your account as of the next billing cycle. Your current account will still function until the next stated billing date; however you are not required to use these services.

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