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How do I associate my domain name with a Website Builder package?

First you need to purchase a Website Builder package - see article "How to Purchase Web Hosting"

After you have purchased a Website Builder package, you can link your domain to it by doing the following steps:

  • Log into your account.
  • At the main account overview page, under "Manage Services", go to "Website Builder -Manage".
  • Click the specific website builder package on the left.
  • Here you can manage the Website Builder package, including adding a domain name to the package, editing the website, and seeing upgrade options.
  • To add a domain from your account to the package, click on "use a custom domain"
  • Click "Search your domains"
  • Find the domain from the list (under "Registered" or "DNS hosted"), or search for it, then click "Add"
  • Click "Save"
  • This will automatically point the domain's host records to the Website Builder. In the pop-up about this click "OK"

If you need to manually point the domain's host records to the Website Builder (see article "Change Host Records - Forward, Redirect, or Point Your Domain/Sub-Domain") you can use these host records:

  • Www (CNAME) -
  • @ (A Address) -

Note: To be able to link a domain to a Website Builder package, the domain must be using our DNS (nameservers).

Note: If you have a Linux Web Hosting package, see the article "Associate Domain Name with Hosting Account".