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I did not receive a renewal notification email prior to the renewal of my web hosting package. Why is this?

There are no email notifications sent out before renewal of web hosting packages, unless there is no card on file or the service is not set to auto-renew. 

Auto-renew is enabled by default for web hosting packages, but you can disable the auto-renew by "cancelling" the web hosting package (see article "How to Cancel a Web Hosting Package"). Cancelling acts the same as disabling auto-renew, as after it is cancelled it remains active until the expiration date.


If needed, a web hosting package can be cancelled and refunded within 30 days after the billing of it. You can contact us to request a cancellation and refund.

Note: If the web hosting package expires, it will stay on the account and be recoverable for up to 30 days after the expiration date

Note: The "billing date" shown on the account is the date when the web hosting is billed, which is 2 weeks before the actual expiration date of the web hosting package.