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Can I pay by wire transfer, ACH transfer, USD check or USD money order for domains and services?

Yes, we do accept wire transfers, ACH transfers, USD checks and USD money orders for retail registrations, renewals and other domain add-on services (from Domestic and International customers).  Please note that we do not accept these payment methods from retail customers for products which have a monthly fee such as web hosting.

Our domain affiliate is Enom. Enom handles the alternate payments, so the money must be addressed to them.

When sending any payment, please be sure to do the following:

  • Include your login ID (e.g., in the memo field).
  • Specify the domain name(s) and/or service(s) that the payment is for (e.g., in the memo field).
  • Add the domain name(s) and/or service(s) to your shopping cart.
  • Ensure that the payment is for the exact amount. (include amount for added VAT if applicable)
  • Send an email to to advise that a payment has been sent.

Note: When sending the payment, also include the amount for added VAT if applicable. you can view the EU VAT rates here: Wikipedia has the VAT rates for non EU countries as well: 

We will process the payment on the day that it is received.  Based upon the urgency of the situation (such as a domain that is about to expire) you may choose to send a check or money order via regular mail, which can take several days, or via an overnight or two-day delivery service, which will be posted much quicker.  We cannot post the funds to your account until the money is actually received by our bank.

For full instructions, please see the article,
 "Bank Wire Transfer, ACH, USD Check and Money Order Instructions"