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My website ( is loading, but when "www" is added ( it does not load. What is the problem?

When initially setting up the domain in the Plesk Control Panel, the "www" check box needs to be checked in order for the "www" website to load. If this setting isn't checked during the initial setup, you may not be able to check mark it later as it may be restricted. If this is the case, there is another way of getting your "www" website to load. 

How to get your "www" website to load (workaround):

Alternatively, you can get your "www" website to load by forwarding the "www" website ( to the non-www website ( in the Host Record settings for the domain. To do this, when logged in and at the Main Account Overview, go to "Registered Domains", click on the domain, then go to "Host Records - Edit". From there, change the "www" host name to Type - "URL Forward", and change the "Address" to your domain name without the "www".