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How to install an Intermediate certificate (CA Chain) in Linux Hosting Control panel

To install a CA (Or Intermediate Certificate, or CA Bundle), please follow the steps below:

1. You can generate the needed intermediate certificate at either of these websites:

2 - Login to Plesk.

  • In Plesk, go to "Websites and Domains", and view the settings for the certain domain (click "show more" to show settings)
  • Click "SSL Certificates" under the domain you are working with
  • Click on the SSL certificate that should already be created
  • Here you can upload or paste the certificate from your computer, and also the Intermediate (aka: CA Chain, labeled as *-ca.crt in Plesk) certificate (see article: "Intermediate CA Certificates / CA Chains / CA Bundles")
  • Go back to "Websites and Domains"
  • Under the domain, go to "Hosting Settings"
  • Check the box "SSL Support"
  • Choose the correct SSL Certificate from the drop-down menu
  • Click "OK"