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How do I create and upload files to a sub-domain in my hosting account?

Linux Hosting

  • Create a host record for the sub-domain (see "Forward, Redirect or Point Your Domain/Sub-domain (Change Host Records)").  If you've already associated the domain to the hosting account (see "Web Hosting: Associate Domain Name with Hosting Account"), you can point the host record for the sub-domain to the same CNAME as the WWW record for your domain.
  • Open the web hosting control panel ("Web Hosting: How to Access the Control Panel").
  • Click "Domains" on the left.
  • Click on the domain name.
  • Click on the Sub-domains icon.
  • Click on the "Create Sub-domain" icon.
  • Configure the domain to your specifications.

For full instructions on uploading files, please see the article, "Web Hosting: Upload Files to Web Hosting Account"

Note: You can contact us to request extra host records for sub-domains be added to your domain. Just let us know approximately how many more you need. There is generally a limit of 100 sub-domains per domain.