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How do I create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for my cert?

The instructions for generating a CSR vary depending on the certificate and web server.  Please follow the link that corresponds to the certificate in question.  Our system requires 2048 bit encrypted CSRs for all certificates regardless of the web server type.




VeriSign: (Search the knowledge base.)

NOTE: When buying a GeoTrust, RapidSSL or COMODO certificates, SSL Certificates for will also secure  Other Sub-domains will only secure that exact domain. When purchasing a VeriSign certificate for or any other subdomain combination, that puchase will only cover that single subdomain and not the root domain (  You must specify the exact sub-domain when generating your CSR.  Once a certificate has been issued, the domain cannot be changed (see "SSL: Cancel a Certificate / Change the Domain on a Cert Already Issued"). 

Please see the article, "How to install an SSL certificate", for further instructions.