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How do I get POP / IMAP Email for my domain?

There are two ways to get POP / IMAP Email for your domain:

First Method - Purchase POP / IMAP Email

With POP / IMAP Email, you can choose from 1 to 25 email boxes and 1GB or 10GB of storage per box.  You must use our DNS in order to purchase a POP / IMAP Email Pak.  If you are using custom nameservers, you'll want to change them to ours before purchasing the POP / IMAP Email Pak.  For complete instructions on how to use our nameservers, please see the article "How to change domain nameservers (DNS)".

Once you are using our DNS, please follow these steps:

  • Log into your account.
  • Choose menu option "Email > POP Email".
  • On this page there is an overview about POP Email. You can click on "Get Started Now" to start the purchase process.
  • You can choose from between 1 to 25 email boxes, and 1 GB or 10 GB of storage per box.
  • You can also search for a new domain name, or add POP email to an existing domain name in your account
  • Click "Continue" to add the POP Email to your cart

To manage your Email Pack, please see the article, "Manage/Modify POP Email Accounts".

Second Method - Purchase a Web Hosting account

A web hosting account gives you a place to upload your website and comes with 50 free email accounts by default.  You can use the email included with the web hosting even if your domain is not registered with us, and you're not using our DNS servers.  To purchase a web hosting account, please follow the instructions in the article "How to Purchase Web Hosting".  If you already have a web hosting account, please see the article, "Activate POP Email Feature of Web Hosting Account".