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How do I access the control panel for my hosting account?  What control panels do you offer?

For Linux hosting, we offer the Parallels Plesk Control Panel. 

To access the Plesk control panel from your main domain account, please follow the below steps:

  • Login to your account.
  • At the main account overview page, under "Manage Services", go to "Web Hosting - Manage".
  • Click the Control Panel link under the name of your hosting account.  A new window or tab should open; if a window doesn't open, please check your web browser's pop-up settings.

To Login to the Plesk Control Panel directly:
  • Go to the Plesk control panel via the method above.
  • Copy down the URL address
  • Login using the username and password you set up for the hosting. To create or change passwords for Plesk users, see article Create Additional Plesk User Logins / Change Password