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I already have a domain.  Can I use it with your hosting?  What are the steps?


1. First, associate the domain with the web hosting account:

  • Log into your account.
  • At the main account overview page, under "Manage Services", go to "Web Hosting - Manage".
  • Click "domains" under the name of the hosting account.
  • Type in the domain and click "Add".

**You can associate up to 50 domain names per hosting account.

2. For Linux hosting, then add the domain to the Plesk control panel:

  • Open the hosting account control panel (see "Web Hosting: How to Access the Control Panel").
  • Click "Website and Domains" on the left.
  • Click "Add Domain" at the top.
  • Fill in the fields and click "OK".

After the domain has been added to the hosting account, please refer to the following articles:

"Activate POP Email Feature of Web Hosting Account"

"Web Hosting: Upload Files to Web Hosting Account"

If the domain is supposed to be using our DNS, please ensure that the DNS server settings are set correctly (see "How to change domain nameservers (DNS)").  If the domain is registered or DNS hosted elsewhere, please see the article, "Web Hosting: Associate Domain That's Registered with a Different Registrar to Hosting Account".

If you have the Website Builder Hosting, please see the article "Associate Domain Name with Website Builder package".